PBNet Conversion tool is an application that provides you an easy way to convert a PowerBuilder application to a modern platform, getting improvements in terms of efficiency and maintainability, instead of the risks of rewriting code as well as the time and cost you'll get your app new again.
The goal of this document is to guide you through the main topics of migrating your legacy PowerBuilder application into a modern .Net web application.

About WebMAP: PowerBuilder to .NET

PBNet is a tool that understands your PowerBuilder application and converts it to a .Net web application that uses frameworks such as .Net, Angular, CSS, and Typescript. .
This tool, developed in .Net framework, has the ability to process the legacy source code to generate C#, Angular, HTML, and CSS files.
Instead of manually rewriting an entire application, we help you by automating this process using PBNet. This reduces costs, risks, and time, while keeping the existing business logic intact.