Errors and Troubleshooting

WebMAP: WinForms to Web is a tool designed to convert .NET Framework apps based on C# and Windows Forms to a modern web architecture. WebMAP WinForms Errors and Troubleshooting documentation.
Handling and fixing errors is important in order to have a better conversion performance and output compilation. Because of that, the most common errors will be detailed here for your information. In case the error you're experiencing is not listed here, please contact [email protected].

Log Folder

When a conversion is finished the log folder generated will contain the following:
  • ConversionLog: general messages of the conversion process used to inform about the internal steps of the tool.
  • ErrorLog: in case of an error, the errorLog file will be generated containing a summary of what went wrong.
The message of the logs is divided into four categories:
Information: messages detailing the steps of the conversion and are not considered errors.
Warning: we are confident the code as a whole was converted and will compile, however, some steps of conversion encountered some minor problems.
Error: an error indicates that an entire object could not be converted due to problems such as pending support for the object or original code not processed.
Critical: critical errors translate to WebMAP: WinForms to Web stopping the conversion and leading you to the log folder. Some examples of cases where this would happen are missing dependencies, requirements, or corrupt files of either the conversion tool or the input solution.

Conversion Process Errors

Converter Stopped

These are errors that would affect the conversion process, that is, if they are found, they would completely stop the operation of the application and then show an error on the screen.
While running the conversion of the original code an error may pop and display the following screen:
Conversion Stoppped
The cause of the error may vary but the likelihood is that WebMAP couldn't read or process a critical file in the input solution. For this reason, the first action to take is to open the input solution and make sure it can compile.

Un-compiled Input Solution

If you find the error "Critical: MSBuild error NETSDK1004" in the errorLog.log followed by:
Error Code
Error while executing PreProcessConversionTask for solution {0}. Message: {1} Stack Trace: {2}
To so solve the problem, make sure the input solution can be compiled in the same machine where WebMAP: WinForms to Web is located.

Cannot Read the Solution Properly

The error WFMAP0013 and WFMAP0048 are causes for this to occur and thus you should check the validity of the projects indicated in the message. For the WFMAP0054 error please insert a shorter path.
Error Code
Cannot convert projects with extension {0}. Please remove the project with extension {0} from the solution you want to convert and try it again.
Cannot find the project with the following name: {0}, Please ensure your cache is clean to avoid automatic project fulfill
One of the specified paths in the parameters is too long, please consider shortening the path or moving to a higher level directory.

WebMAP Without Internet Connection

WebMAP: WinForm to Web requires some resources obtained via the internet, please check your connection if any of the following errors:
Error Code
Error loading required fundamental conversion services
Error loading required binaries in order to start the conversion process.\nPlease contact support for help giving this message: {0}
Error during the loading assemblies, the following message was thrown: {0}

Configuration File Wrongly Set

This error occurs when the configuration XML file called webmap.config has an invalid segment, the most common reason for this to happen is that the <API_KEY> was badly set, to fix it follow these steps.
The error.log will show a similar error indicating the line of the file with the problem:
Error Code
No Code
Error: Config file could not be loadded.System.Xml.XmlException: '<', hexadecimal value 0x3C, is an invalid attribute character. Line 148, position 85.

Converter Unexpected Error

WebMAP Stopped

Incorrect Packages

If the configuration file was added as part of the optional settings and the following error appears, it is caused for specifying a bad set of packages resulting in missed dependencies or the tool not connecting to the necessary source.
Error Code
No maps were deployed, please check the compatibility-platforms packages in configuration file.
No valid feeds specified, please check package-sources in configuration file.
No package libraries were deployed, please check the packages libraries in configuration file.
This configuration is only available to costume the conversion to your needs, please contact [email protected] for further information related to this problem.

Tool Corruption

These types of errors are related to unexpected malfunctions of the tools such as the corruption of the installation folder, the procedure to correct them is to reinstall the application. If this happens, WebMAP will write in the logs the following errors:
Error Code
Error loading required fundamental conversion services
One or more errors ocurred during the execution of the conversion, please check the log for further information
An unexpected error was found during the conversion process, the following message was found: {0}
If the error persists after the reinstallation, please contact [email protected] for further information related to this problem.

Converted Application Errors

This section is related to errors that might affect the output code during the conversion of the solution, the effect of this error goes from not converting property of a class to not generate entire parts of the code.

Stubs Generation

Conversion issues may arise while executing the output application and manual work might be needed, the most common causes are WebMAP no having implemented a certain WinForms component or for the solution having a very particular implementation related to the business needs of the client. Please contact [email protected] to assist you.
To address these problems WebMAP: WinForms to Web has the stub generation mechanism that consists of generating an empty template for every component not implement with the intention of avoiding compilation error and the output code could compile and run.
All stubs will be located inside the project Stubs in the converted app.
Stub project
The generation of the stub itself in rear occasions might fail and it will display some of the following errors:
Error Code
Cannot generate stub for the type {0}. \nPlease contact support with the error '{1}' and the stack {2}
Cannot generate stub because of an internal error. \nPlease contact support with the error '{0}' and the stack {1}
Error when trying to stub type. Error typename {0}, message {1}

Conversion Differences

The following errors are related to specific parts of the solution and in most cases, they will need assistance to ensure the full conversion of the input code to WebMAP: WinForms to Web.

Convert Classes

Conversion of the C# classes:
Error Code
Error writing project {0}
Error transforming the C# classes. \nAn error occurred transforming {0} due to exception with message '{1}'. StackTrace: {2}

Convert FrontEnd

Conversion of the Forms to Angular components:
Error Code
Error generating the image {0} of the class {1}.
Error generating HTML and CSS for {0} form in the project {1}
Error generating front-end files: \n{0} could not be generated.
WFMAP0019: Error generating {0}'s CSS, HTML, TypeScript or resources. \n Please contact support with the message '{1}' and Stack {2}"
As has been mentioned previously in this article, please reach out to us if you need more support. Mobilize.Net wants to be your partner in the conversion process, so let us know how we can help. You can email us at [email protected] or post a message to our forums. If you have a contract for support with Mobilize.Net, reach out to your sales engineer and they can direct your support needs.